The Death of Itziar Orube

Leading “Germanic New Medicine” proponent Itziar Orube has reportedly died

Earlier this year I blogged about the notorious Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German physician who lost his medical licence in 1986 after a number of patients in his care died.

Now come reports of another Hamer-related death. Itziar Orube, a leading proponent of Hamer’s widely discredited theory of disease, the “Germanic New Medicine” (GNM), has reportedly died due to complications from breast cancer.

Itziar Orube with Ryke Geerd Hamer

Proponents of GNM believe that the onset of disease occurs when a person suffers sudden or prolonged emotional trauma, and that conventional medicine should be rejected in favour of natural methods, including talking therapy.

According to Emilio Molina of RedUNE, a Spanish cult awareness network, Orube believed she was in the process of healing herself naturally, even as she lay on her deathbed.

“Although she used to refuse even analgesics [GNM asserts that painkillers compromise a patient’s recovery], at the very last moments she went to a ‘pain unit,’” said Molina. “Until the last moments she thought she was healing herself of her waterlogged lungs.”

Orube joins the growing list of people who have fallen victim to Hamer’s “death sect,” the youngest being 12-year-old German cancer patient Susanne Rehklau, who “died a painful death” in 2010 after Hamer gave her the all-clear.

Via my June 30, 2016 blog post, Hamer’s followers have set-up shop in the US, under the name the International Meta-Medicine Association (IMMA).

3 thoughts on “The Death of Itziar Orube

  1. You have a lot of false information in your note. Hamer did€t loss their medical license for cancer patients death. There are youtube interviews with the ¨dead patients who say that are alive thanks to their medica practice. In fact 90% of their patients lived 6 years after their treatments when the Dr. Hamer case was in the Germany courts.

  2. You also ignore the causes of the Itziar Urebe´s death, that can be explained with the 5 laws discovered by Dr. Hamer.

    You and all of the people who make false claims about the new germanic medicine should apply the science principle of: You cannot deny a scientific knowledge “a priori” but “a posteriori”.

    If you did´t evaluate this knowledge, you can´t make any assumption about it.

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