EFT on the NHS

UK National Health Service promotes dubious alternative medicine therapy

Via the North Derbyshire Health Psychology Service:

Emotional Freedom Technique NHS

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the brain child of US author Gary Craig, who despite having no medical credentials claims tapping therapy can be used to heal any and all manner of ailments, including “severe vaginal issues” and even cancer. From the horse’s mouth:

“One of the most obvious things about this weekend is the guy who’s running it – namely, me – is not a doctor. And you need to know, not only am I not a doctor, I know zip – I mean zip, or even less – about medical stuff.”

Research into the efficacy of energy psychology has shown EFT has no useful effect beyond that of a placebo. Snake oil, anyone?

4 thoughts on “EFT on the NHS

  1. I’m having EFT treatment for PTSD. For me this is really helping after counselling just made me feel worse and negative comments from doctors- one accusing me of lying about PTSD and another telling me the care I need doesn’t exist.

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