Hewers CEO Loses It

Hewers crisis manager accuses me of “cyber bullying bordering on defamation” for accurately reporting what it says on his website

Yesterday I blogged about Hewers, a self-proclaimed “niche market crisis communication and issues management advisors protecting personal and brand reputation.”

Hewers CEO Neeran Naidoo (source)

Hewers states on the front page of its website that it “was inspired by a speech by apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd.”

Via History.com:

As prime minister from 1958, [Verwoerd] instituted an intricate system of laws separating whites, Africans (blacks), Coloureds, and Asians, and resettled blacks in backwater reservations. These policies provoked anti-apartheid demonstrations by blacks, which were brutally crushed by government forces at Sharpeville and elsewhere.

Via Twitter today, Hewers CEO Neeran Naidoo accused me of “embedded journalism” and “Pottinger-style cyber bullying bordering on defamation.”