Obscene domain names once owned by Trump associate Felix Sater get snapped up after articles by Shooting the Messenger and The Daily Beast Last week I scooped the story that Donald Trump’s former business partner, Felix Sater, possibly used to own a number of obscene domain names intended to disparage Sater’s Bayrock Group colleague, Jody … Continue reading Saterized

A Complicated Deal (Part II)

Four criminal convictions, one suicide, and one satisfied customer: Unravelling Donald Trump’s “complicated” 1993 Palm Beach real estate purchase from convicted fraudster Leslie Greyling Earlier this month I blogged about Donald Trump’s 1993 Palm Beach real estate deal with Leslie Greyling, a notorious South African fraudster who was later deported to England after a string of … Continue reading A Complicated Deal (Part II)

A Complicated Deal

What were the details of Donald Trump’s “complicated” real estate deal with South African fraudster Leslie Greyling? In November 1993, Donald Trump paid $1.6 million for 1094 S. Ocean Blvd, a 7,863 square-foot, marble-floored house adjacent his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. source Trump purchased the house for less than half the original sale … Continue reading A Complicated Deal

Arif Trumps WordPress

WordPress blocks critical blog about Trump’s inner circle after Turkish court order from Trump’s Bayrock business partner Tevfik Arif Earlier this week I blogged about Bayrock Group CEO Tevfik Arif’s attempts to get news reports about his 2010 arrest for human trafficking removed from the Internet. Arif, a former Soviet commerce official, is best known for … Continue reading Arif Trumps WordPress

Bad Day at Bayrock

Trump’s Bayrock Group business partner Tevfik Arif demands takedown of news reports that he was arrested and charged with human trafficking According to the Lumen Database, which collects and analyses takedown requests of online content, Arif recently sent Turkish court orders to Google and Automattic (WordPress’ parent company) demanding the removal of a number of … Continue reading Bad Day at Bayrock

Paramilitaries in Parliament

DUP councillor and former Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast Frank McCoubrey was a key political advisor to one of Northern Ireland’s worst paramilitary organisations From 2002 to 2012, McCoubrey headed the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG), an advisory body established to provide political analysis to the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). The UDA is a notorious Northern Irish … Continue reading Paramilitaries in Parliament

Hate Mail Volume 1: Alt-Med Madness

Homeopaths are mad at BuzzFeed for article about “pseudo-scientific events” being held at a prestigious London university + Read the angry e-mails I received from a proponent of criminal doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer’s discredited theory of disease Last week, BuzzFeed UK published a superb article based partly on my investigation of the International Meta-Medicine Association (IMMA), a … Continue reading Hate Mail Volume 1: Alt-Med Madness

The Year in Blog – 2016 Edition

Although 2016 was by most accounts the worst year in living memory, for me it was also a lot of fun. There were yuge cultural and political upsets – right (or should I say “alt-right”?) – but there were also a couple of inspiring victories for the good guys. Across the pond, my Atlanta, GA blogging buddy, independent investigative … Continue reading The Year in Blog – 2016 Edition

The Brexit Effect

“They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!” – President-elect Donald Trump Despite nearly every poll indicating that Hillary Clinton would win a landslide victory this election, Donald Trump swept the electoral vote, even taking several traditionally blue states. Call it the Brexit Effect. Though it was widely assumed that Clinton was a shoo-in to … Continue reading The Brexit Effect